Transsteel Limited deals with trading and supply of metal and scraps. Our main objective is to provide a wide range of services to our clients. We offer international supply and trading on spot and permanent contracts.

Transsteel Limited works in close-knit cooperation with the leading manufacturers to deliver high-quality metal production to steel production facilities and plants operating in the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea regions. Our reliable business partners and regular customers enable us to offer a wide range of products at competitive prices. Transsteel Limited is authorized to conduct drop shipping of steel production from production facilities and plants.

Our team is well aware of current market issues and comprises only professional experts. We are ready to assist you to select the demanded manufactured goods and to manage promptly all arrangements and business issues on payment delays, production delivery, non-standard orders and other individual requirements.



Transsteel Limited stands out amongst its competitors due to the following reasons:

  • High-quality manufactured goods certified by production facility
  • Set package of services for a client, including a placement of required order to metal manufacturer up to negotiation and coordination of terms, condition and pricing
  • Individual approach to each client




Having signed several permanents contracts, Transsteel Limited works on exclusive conditions with customers. We are able to deliver a minimum 100 K tons of high quality manufactured metal production per year. Meanwhile we intend to expand our trading activity and services in maritime shipping by improving our standards and to become firmly established on the market.

Our company experts are constantly monitoring metal market trends and changes, emergence of new manufactured goods and commodities, price fluctuations, and supply and demand correlation. Transsteel Limited is a reliable partner for all market participants market.

Feel free to contact us directly and to receive our exclusive business offer.

We are looking forward to further cooperation.

Pig iron
Steel products
Hot Briquetted Iron


Road Freight

Transsteel Limited provides transportation, logistics, and supply chain services to its customers.


To support the mechanism of physical delivery our company approves and licenses a network of warehouses and storage facilities.

Sea Freight

Achieving competitive edge in today’s volatile we can provide a complete range of solutions to meet international maritime freight requirements.

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